Review of American Jubilee CD: The Music of Charles L. Booker, Jr. Volume 2

Last year I reviewed Centrifuge; the first volume of music by Charles L. Booker, Jr. and was very impressed. The listener will find Volume 2-American Jubilee just as impressive. The title work is a solid opener leading off this collection in style, followed by Like the Stars Forever and Ever… A True Friend is next; as the title would indicate, this is a work of emotion, passion, & strength. The remaining works are River Valley Suite, Boston Mountain Overture, Declaration 1776 and Roar of the Armor. Once again, the titles are apt descriptions of the music filled with musical paintings of the United States, snippets of Americana as well as a strong feeling of patriotism, power and the spirit of our land. Booker captures these essences through his writings without the cliches prevalent in so many other compositions. One can imagine a smile and sense of warmth on the Statue of Liberty if she was to hear this fine recording.